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Peter Challoner is an electronic music composer from the UK, born, raised in Nottingham in the heart of Central England. He is not what you would class as an orthodox musician, having had no formal musical training, and the fact that music, although being a major force in his life, for most of his life, is only a supplementary activity to a career as an architectural technician. It has long been stated that there are strong links between music, architecture, and visual arts in general. ‘My job is creative, a design process from a concept form of an idea into a finished piece of construction, and it's the same approach with my music'  

Having been introduced to electronic music from an early age, the likes of Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream and Jarre have formed the basis of a musical education that was later broadened by an introduction to the more abstract ‘sound worlds’ of Brian Eno and Philip Glass.

Eno's ambient 1 - music for airports, and Glass' music in twelve parts really opened up his 'musical eyes' to more abstract soundscapes. 'During my student days studying art and design, it was always the abstract pieces that caught my imagination, when I found myself looking at a work and wondering what it was all about, rather than a traditional painting that told you straight away what it was’

‘I was fascinated by the concept of the involvement of viewer interpretation. When I first heard Eno’s Music For Airports and Glass’ Part 1 (of twelve) I was amazed and thought fantastic, that’s my kind of music. I can be absorbed in these pieces for ages, with a real interaction, it’s a musical place to be, that can be different every time, depending on where you are when you hear it’.

It was sometime later the idea came along to try making music for himself, and on getting his first keyboard, found that the invention of music was something that came quite naturally. Having a finely tuned ear from years of intense listening, and drawing inspiration from the electronic ’heroes’ the music began to flow quite quickly and easily. After several years of experiment, development, and extreme learning curve, largely with collaborator Paul Smith, the first full album was finally completed ‘From Nowhere Came’ released under the name of Asymmetric.

After the Asymmetric CD there followed several solo projects each concentrating on different electronic styles. The first, a series of chill out, very atmospheric albums were recorded and released as Peter Challoner  through independent UK based label Council Of Nine. Music For Cloud Watching, Music In Ambient Motion and Music In Suspended Animation subscribe to the Brian Eno school of ambient and have proved to be popular with modest sales and good airplay in the USA.

On the rhythmic sequencer side, the album AI - Ambient Intelligence was created and released under the name Dieter Ettlinger. A.I. delivers building overlapping sequences and drums with plenty of soundscape atmosphere but also has structure and lead lines. And the name? ‘well it just seemed like a good idea. I thought as the style was so different from the ambient work, I’d use a different name to keep it separate and hope to not confuse people as to what the music would be like. Having been a fan of German electronic music, I chose a German pseudonym. Dieter sounds like Peter, and Ettlinger is taken from the town of Ettlingen near the Rhine, close to where some friends live. It has been quite funny, there are even some listings of him on the net, on various lists of EM composers.

The current album, Abstract Ambient Form, contains live ‘one take’ improvisations recorded in the studio. The music is more electronic, yet subliminal, and has received great pre-reviews and numerous air plays on the Stars End Ambient Music Radio Show. ’I have been really lucky, all the CD’s I have sent to the presenter Chuck Van Zyl have been well received, and have all been widely played. I’ve had people contact me direct from the States to buy albums having heard them on the show, it’s fantastic.

And the future?, ’well there’s plenty more to come. My new studio has finally been finished this year, and I’ve started an ambient project with guitarist Neale Haddon. We are going under the name of Spiraleye and the work so far is sounding good. We hope to have an album finished early next year, and there is a good chance it can be come a live event. There will be more solo albums, both ambient and more structured pieces, and perhaps another Asymmetric album. - all content copyright 2006 Peter Challoner
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